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A Week After the Grand Opening, What’s In Store at the new REI Flagship?

Employees of the new REI Flagship stand outside to cheer on the first customers to the store during the Grand Opening celebration on October 21st, 2016 in Washington D.C.

It has been a week since the 5th Flagship for the REI Co-Op opened in Washington D.C, and according to the General Manager, Becky Smith, the three-day block party exceeded her expectations.

When discussing the successful weekend, Becky had this to say of her experience.

“It was amazing to see the people come into the store and simply step back and say, “Wow!”. The lines of people waiting to check-out, engage with our vendors, talk to our Adventure Station or simply get a cup of coffee was indicative of what our goal was: bring together a sense of community and a place for people to dream about new adventures.” Said Becky Smith, the new General Manager for the D.C. Flagship.

The grand opening celebration of the store has faded, but their mark on the community is just starting.

One of the main attractions is the bike shop at the front of the store at the REI Flagship in Washington D.C.

The new Flagship is located on the Metropolitan Branch Trail by Noma-Galluadet Metro Station.  The bike shop at the front of the store makes it easy for cyclists to bring their bike in for a quick repair.

Information from Infographic gathered from The Washington Post


The many bike racks at the front of the store accommodate the biking community in Washington D.C.
The enclosed outdoor space is where trained specialists will be holding classes at the new REI Flagship in Washington D.C.

Members of the Co-Op and the community are able to sign up for classes, such as paddling, climbing, or hiking, to prepare them for a better experience outside.

The outdoor space also serves as a sitting area to enjoy coffee from La Colombe at the new REI Flagship in Washington D.C.

REI gives back to the community in a big way, as mentioned by the GM, Becky Smith, in last week’s article. Whether it be cleaning up trails in a park, or donating thousands to local non-profits, like WABA, REI is doing their part to make a positive impact on the Washington D.C. community.

For more information on REI Flagship in Washington D.C. and their contributions, visit their website.

GM Opens REI’s Fifth Flagship for the Co-op in Washington D.C.

GM Opens REI’s Fifth Flagship for the Co-op in Washington D.C. from Jillian Knight on Vimeo.


REI, which stands for Recreational Equipment Inc., opened its 5th Flagship this weekend with a three-day block party celebration. The events were open to the public and included marching bands, outdoor classes, screen printings, live bands and DJs all weekend long, and of course, a webbing cutting by the store’s GM.

Becky Smith, the General Manager for the new Flagship was beyond excited to be opening this Flagship in the historical arena that it once was.

“This building is just a really incredible example of architecture that was back in the 40’s, and we’ve been able to really keep some of those original elements in the space,” says Becky Smith, who has been with REI for ten years as of August 21st.  “You see the arches from the outside of the it, and then when you come into our space, you still get a sense of some those old features that we have. We’re able to recover some of the old basketball flooring from where the Harlem Globetrotters played on this court, we’re able to keep some of the old stadium style seating, kind of up on a wall.”

On the wall of the Co-op are all of the concerts the building hosted in the 60s and 70s.
The original stadium seating from the arena was preserved on the wall of the store to show the history of the building. The people that sat in these seats saw the first concert The Beatles ever played in the U.S.


The building isn’t the only thing Becky is excited about sharing with the community. As far as the impact on the  DC community, she had this to say about how REI plans to leave its mark.

“REI gives back big time to the DC community, so this year alone, we’ll give over 1 million dollars to local and national non profits that are headquartered here in the DC area, so absolutely an amazing example of that. On a more local level, just a few weeks ago we took 84 of our new inspired guides out to Fort Dupont, worked side by side with members of the National Park to clean up some of trails.”

Each day started with hundreds of people lining up  early in the morning to get in as soon as the doors opened. The first 500 each day received water bottles with gift cards inside of them. The three day block party proved that people are excited to have an REI in their DC community.

For more information, or to find an REI closest to you, visit their website.