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Augusta Boys and Girls Club Super Hero 5K in Capitol Park

Everyone has different reasons for signing up to run a 5K race.  For George Sprigg, from Bath, Maine, it is to beat his best time from over twenty years ago.

“I’m training to beat my personal best record when I was 20, just getting out of the Marine Corps, and I’m now 41.” George’s best time was 17:58. He was unable to beat that time at this race.

The 5K George participated in was for the Augusta Boys and Girls Club in Capitol Park this past weekend on September 10, 2016. People gathered in the Capitol of Maine to run the 3.12-mile race to help raise money to support the Boys and Girls  Club’s mission, which is to provide a safe place for teens in the area to learn and grow.

This was the 3rd annual Super Run for the Augusta Boys and Girls Club, where you are encouraged to dress up as your favorite superhero. Only 16 people showed up to participate in the race, but the majority of them had on a superhero t-shirt.

Each of the 16 participants at the Augusta Boys and Girls Club Super Run 5K at Capitol Park in Augusta, Maine received a super hero cape and a medal after finishing the race. The first place winner received two round trip tickets from Augusta to Boston via Cape Air.

The new Director for the Boys and Girls Club in Augusta, Charles Huerth, wearing a Captain America t-shirt, has only been there for a month, but he  has some ideas on what to do for the upcoming school year.  This year he’s hoping for some more educational type things to expand their minds.

“In the past what we’ve done, is we’ve gone to like Salem, Mass to see some museums and such,”  says Charles, “we’ve gone to some fun places like FunTown to kind of get them out and about and active, just trying some different things.”

Charles says there are also services available during the Summer to help maintain what they may be used to during the school year.

He says they try to supplement what they need during the school year such as the food pantry that the kids can utilize, and the back pack program.

The race started on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and followed the Kennebec Rail Trail along the Kennebec river. The first place winner received a pair of round trip plane tickets from Augusta to Boston, which first place winner George Sprigg happily accepted.

For more information on what the Boys and Girls Club is doing, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/augustateencenter