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Street Performer Draws Crowd Outside of Gallery Place Metro Station

Street performers in Washington D.C. seem lucky to have a few people stopping to drop a dollar or two in, but to draw a crowd is a tremendous feat. For Vanny, the crowd and the attention is fairly normal.

“You’re so amazing,” was the common phrase of people complimenting the performer as she was unplugging her equipment. One woman standing next to Vanny couldn’t stop complimenting the artist on her talent and beauty.

Vanny, short for Vanessa, has been singing and playing music since she was 11-years old. Being homeschooled her Senior year of High School allowed her the time to practice online and further her musical talent.

“When I got to my Senior in High School, and I had all of that free time, I just encouraged my Dad to come with me out here and to just start playing guitar.” Said Vanny, who has been busking for two years now.

Vanny playing outside of Gallery PL/Chinatown Station on Friday, November 4th, 2016.

In regards to her experience performing, she says, “for the most part, it’s a crazy experience, dealing with the public, anything can happen.”

Vanny says that every now and then someone will harass her and disrupt the scene, but for the most part it’s people who want to compliment her, book her, or just simply tip.

Vanny can be seen outside of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station on the red line in Washington D.C. She says she performs mostly on the weekends because she’s in school and has homework.

Vanny is available to play at restaurants, birthday parties, or any event that could be made better with Vanny’s amazing voice.