Which Barre Should You Choose?

If you’ve heard of, or have tried Barre before, maybe you haven’t been informed that there are numerous types of Barre workouts. Just like yoga, and Pilates, there are various options to choose from to meet your health or physical requirements.

The word barre itself refers to a stationary, horizontal bar that ballet dancers typically use to stretch. Since the 1970’s when Barre was introduced to New York City, different variations have been produced.

The different types of Barre to be aware of are Pure Barre, Barre 3, The Bar Method, Physique 57, and Figure 4.

Pure Barre is the largest of the Barre options, with over 375 studios in North America. Pure Barre is low impact with stretching in-between sections.

Barre 3 is new, having only started in 2008, it values three elements; exercise, nourishment, and connection. Barre 3 focuses on isometric holds, small range movements, as well as large range movements.

The Bar Method focuses more on physical therapy, and keeping joints safe by offering exercises that are safe and therapeutic.

Physique 57 started in 2006, and uses a process called Interval Overload, focusing on arms, legs, and abs.

Figure 4 stems from Pure Yoga, and incorporates high energy dance and interval cardio.

There may be just small differences between the types, but the main elements come from the Lotte Berk Method. Lotte Berk was a dancer in London who wanted to increase strength and flexibility. Esther Fairfax, Lottle Berk’s daughter, continues to teach her mother’s technique in the U.K.

Most Barre types fuse Pilates, yoga and ballet into one exercise routine.

With the five Barre techniques, and the popularity of Barre growing and growing, it is no wonder that the number of Barre studios in North America continues to grow. The following is a bar graph showing the number of Barre studios of each method.

Pure BarreBarre 3, and The Bar Method, all offer franchising options, which has allowed them to expand so quickly in the past ten years of Barre being a well known exercise routine. It is still a new routine to people outside of metropolitan areas, but it is only a matter of time before it breaks into rural America.

If you are interested in seeing if there is a Barre studio in your area, the following links will bring you to the five types of Barre websites to locate the one closest to you.

Pure Barre

Barre 3

Figure 4

The Bar Method

Physique 57

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